Business Analytics, also referred to as the science of business analysis, sums up the techniques, tools, applications, and practices business consultants use to gather, analyze and interpret historical data, and past business performance. The results of such analysis provide the basis for their advice and recommendations.

You start a business, you try to wear every hat possible, and you may even grow the business, hire employees,... and then you suddenly start feeling like you are losing control. Sounds familiar? It may be the right time to bring in a consultant. The areas where we may be able to help may be classified into three broad categories - 1. Resource Management, 2. Business Process Engineering, and 3. Developing & Planning Strategies.

You started up, got your feet wet with a few small jobs, and now a large job may be coming your way. It's OK to screw up. We learn from our mistakes, but don't want to start by experiencing failure with our first high-visibility customer's where you need to start thinking strategies. As a small business you need to develop strategies, to equip yourself to capitalize on opportunities that come your way, big or small.


In addition to the usual ratios used in evaluating the financial statements, one of the most commonly used techniques by consultants in advocating business change, is the SWOT analysis. Other popular methods include PESTLE, MOST, CATWOE, De Bono 6Hat, Five Whys, and MoSCoW.


Efficiently managed resources help guarantee that you can meet your, and your customer's, current and future needs, while remaining competitive. Business processes which may have been ideal while starting up may need to be re-engineered, with growth. Find out how you can improve/impact your bottom line.

Biz Plan

Whatever you want to do, you need a plan. It could be in the areas of business, cash flow forecasting & management, resources & relationships, or strategies. With our expertise, and knowhow we may just be your answer. Independent Business Consultants work out a lot cheaper than hiring a full time, in house consultant or senior manager.

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